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Christopher Nolan’s WWII thriller Dunkirk begins filming

Christopher Nolan is headed to Dunkirk.

Warner Bros. announced Monday that principal photography has begun in Dunkirk, France, on Nolan’s upcoming World War II action thriller. Nolan wrote the script and is directing Dunkirk, which tells the story of the real-life 1940 evacuation of hundreds of thousands Allied soldiers, who found themselves caught between the ocean and an advancing German army.

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Kenneth Branagh to star in and direct Murder on the Orient Express remake

Kenneth Branagh is ready to use his little grey cells as the director and star of a new film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, 20th Century Fox has announced.

Published in 1934, Christie’s clockwork mystery finds the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Branagh) trying to unravel a murder that could have been perpetrated by any number of passengers aboard a snowbound train.

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Cinderella Blu-ray Q&A: Kenneth Branagh explains why he took directing gig

With the making of Cinderella, director Kenneth Branagh combined his background in resuscitating period classics (Hamlet, Henry V) with his experience shooting big-scale productions (Thor), creating a sleek, live-action reboot that smacks of modern fare while holding true to the fairy tale’s traditional roots. 

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Critical Mass: Cinderella gets more 'Bibbidi' than 'Boo'

Eight years after Enchanted, two years after Frozen, and just three months after Into the Woods, Disney offers up a new Cinderella that isn’t afraid of its old-fashioned legacy. The earnest new Princess film, written by Chris Weitz and directed by Kenneth Branagh, isn’t a reinvention or a re-imagining—as was Disney’s Maleficent—but a loyal live-action companion to the 1950 animated classic. There are kindly household critters, a handsome prince, a wish-fulfilling fairy godmother (Helena Bonham Carter), and, of course, a glass slipper. 

Lily James (Downton Abbey) plays the poor orphan, Ella, left in the care of her cold and calculating stepmother. But, oh, what a wicked stepmother. “Cate Blanchett in a delirious swirl of candy-colored evil,” writes Chris Nashawaty, who graded the film a B. “Blanchett is nasty perfection from her blood red lips to her baroque Sandy Powell-designed gowns. She’s like a cross between Coco Chanel and Norma Desmond, and she smartly plays her harpiedom to the back row of the theater.”

Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden plays the handsome prince, who gets to be more than simply charming in this live-action adaption, and Stellan Skarsgard introduces an element of sinister Shakespearean intrigue that feels organic when crafted by a director like Branagh. All in all, this is a fairy-tale movie that isn’t ashamed of the label.

For more elaborate analysis, click below for a round-up of reviews from around the country.

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How Cate Blanchett went bad (while still looking good) as the evil stepmother in Cinderella

Cate Blanchett has a nickname for the green dress her evil stepmother character Lady Tremaine wears to the ball in the Kenneth Brangh-directed live action version of Cinderella, which is released March 13 and costars Lily James, Helena Bonham Carter, and Richard Madden. “I called it ‘the gherkin,’” says the Oscar-winning actress. Not that Blanchett is complaining about the dress, which was the work of legendary costume designer and three-time Oscar winner Sandy Powell.

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Richard Madden's Prince is captivated in new Cinderella exclusive clip

Cinderella has clearly captured the prince’s heart in a new exclusive clip from Disney’s Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation.

In the clip, the Prince, played by Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden, is distracted while fencing after an enchanting encounter with a mystery girl who we know to be Cinderella. “Her spirit! Her goodness!” he exclaims, and seeks advice for what he should do should she show up at the ball. 

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