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New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer reveals Terra, new gameplay and a tease for Kingdom Hearts 3

The new trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue reveals familiar gameplay from the HD updates, but also teases questions that will be answered. EW is breaking down the trailer here, including its ties to Kingdom Hearts 3 and the secrets that lead you there.

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8 Disney worlds we want to see in Kingdom Hearts III

When Kingdom Hearts II was released, Disney had yet to acquire Marvel, Lucasfilm, or even Pixar. But with all three now fully under the Disney umbrella, along with a well of prior Disney features waiting to be culled from, Kingdom Hearts III has the biggest possible swath of franchises to introduce.

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See more of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in action in new Kingdom Hearts III footage

Before Kingdom Hearts III makes its official debut — though a release date is still unknown — Kingdom Hearts II.8: Final Chapter Prologue will help bridge the gap to the long-awaited sequel. Square Enix has highlighted both upcoming releases in a new trailer, showcasing the remastered and fresh content of Final Chapter Prologue, as well as more of the gorgeous adventure that awaits Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

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Q&Play: Zachary Levi talks Heroes Reborn over a few rounds of Goldeneye 007

Zachary Levi knows how to keep busy, but the Heroes Reborn star was willing to take a little time out of his schedule to discuss all of the projects keeping him occupied … over a few rounds of Goldeneye 007.

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced for PlayStation 4

Kingdom hearts 358/2 DaysKingdom Hearts Re:coded. Kingdom Hearts χ. There’s no shortage of bizarrely named titles in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and the newly announced remaster certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, a remaster of an old Kingdom Hearts game, along with two additional inclusions meant to fill out the franchise’s story.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 adds Big Hero 6 and Dark Baymax, Disney Infinity 3.0 introduces Force Awakens playset

Star Wars Battlefront wasn’t the only game to take center stage at the D23 Expo this weekend, as new information about Kingdom Hearts III and Disney Infinity 3.0 was also revealed.

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Tangled will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3: Get a peek

Square Enix showed off a new look at the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, and while it didn’t come with a release date, the trailer did come with news that a brand new Disney franchise will be featured in the game.

As mentioned during the Square Enix E3 press conference and confirmed by the gameplay video, Tangled will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3. Rapunzel’s tower can be seen in the gameplay, which also features a look at a titan from Hercules, Twilight Town, and more.

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