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Amy Schumer spoofs Soderbergh with The Knick Jr.

Ever thought The Knick could use some young blood? Or that Nick Jr. could use some spilled blood? If so, Amy Schumer has the parody video for you.

In The Knick Jr., Schumer reimagines Steven Soderbergh’s gritty turn-of-the-century hospital drama with a cast of rug rat surgeons — including a juvenile version of Clive Owen’s Dr. Thackery who’s hooked on Pixy Stix instead of cocaine.

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The Knick finale: Clive Owen cuts open
Thackery's self-surgery

SPOILER ALERT: The following Q&A contains details from “This Is All We Are,” Friday’s season finale of The Knick.

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The Knick finale recap: 'This Is All We Are'

When you stop and think about it, that had all the makings of a great series finale.

Now, that doesn’t mean The Knick has indeed come to its conclusion — the future of the show remains up in the air as it has yet to be renewed; Cinemax is currently keeping mum on that front — but if it has, “This Is All We Are” settles the fates of the characters who populate the Knickerbocker Hospital quite nicely.

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The Knick recap: 'Do You Remember Moon Flower?'

Dr. John Thackery wasn’t given too much time to mourn the untimely death of his beloved Abigail Alford tonight. This was primarily because his own medical issues have finally caught up with him — and because a good portion of the character’s screen time was eaten up by a flashback to 1894 Nicaragua.

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The Knick recap: 'Not Well at All'

Now that was just cruel.

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The Knick recap: 'Williams and Walker'

Psst! Hey, you — John Thackery — yeah, you, the one with the speedball habit. That thing you just did, pre-surgery? You know, calling your girlfriend on the telephone and confiding your deepest fears, while she reassures you that you’re, like, the best surgeon in the city? I think you might be onto something there with that whole addiction-treatment thing.

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The Knick recap: 'There Are Rules'

Leave it to a show like The Knick to name an episode centered on a major character’s disregard for medical protocol — which results in both his mother’s death and the loss of his job — “There Are Rules.” 

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'The Knick' recap: 'Whiplash'

Sometimes, when Dr. John Thackery plays God, he’s triumphant.

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'Wonderful Surprises'

It’s getting busy for Dr. John Thackery over at the Knick these days.

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'The Best With the Best to Get the Best'

The title of tonight’s episode is a quote from Dr. Everett Gallinger, as he discusses the cornerstone of eugenics with some old University of Pennsylvania pals at a reunion. But what’s such a great slap in the face to The Knick’s resident racist is the fact that when it comes to the events of the episode, breeding “the best with the best to get the best” requires quite a bit of race- and religion-mixing.

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