Michael Slezak
November 11, 2008 AT 06:00 PM EST

This just in from The Department of I’m Totally Failing to Pay Attention to the Country Music Scene: After 12 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook’s debut single, “Fifteen Minutes of Shame,” has crept its way up to No. 28. What’s more, in September, Cook released a CD, Why Wait, which debuted at No. 8 on the Top Country Albums chart, then quickly fell out of the top 50.

I know I was tough on Kristy Lee throughout Idol‘s seventh season, but for the love of Paula’s wayward weaves, how is it that 19 Entertainment signed her to a deal, while leaving superior talents like Jason Castro, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, and Brooke White with a big collective plate of nothing?

One listen to “Fifteen Minutes of Shame” (embedded after the jump) and you’ll feel fresh outrage over this indignity. Kristy Lee’s vocal gives the track the personality of a soggy bowl of store-brand corn flakes, and the spoken-word interlude in which KL reveals the name of her do-wrong boyfriend (jump ahead to the 2:10 mark to hear it) is the musical equivalent of adding a dollop of hot processed cheese to said cereal bowl. It’s gross. And it inspired the following (admittedly bitchy) poll question:

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