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Lady Gaga crashes James Corden's monologue

When Lady Gaga appeared on The Late Late Show Tuesday night, she obviously participated in host James Corden’s signature Carpool Karaoke bit, but the pop star didn’t stop there. Gaga also crashed Corden’s monologue, walking out to take Reggie Watts’ intro and the audience applause at the beginning of the show when the host was nowhere to be seen.

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Lady Gaga sings 'Born This Way,' James Corden wears meat dress on Carpool Karaoke

Back in July, First Lady Michelle Obama surprised everyone by appearing on Carpool Karaoke. Now the other most important Lady in this land, Gaga, has taken a memorable musical ride with James Corden.

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Carpool Karaoke: Lady Gaga sings 'Bad Romance' with James Corden

Show your best Poker Face: Lady Gaga is ready to ride with James Corden.

The Late Late Show released a preview of Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke installment that will be served up tomorrow night, and you can see her revving up her big hits, such as “Bad Romance.” There is also a moment of Ludacris, as well as a reenactment of the call she received with the offer to serve as the Super Bowl halftime performer. She definitely saw that one coming.

The Late Late Show airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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Cher and James Corden update 'I Got You Babe' with modern lingo

Pop culture these days is full of reboots and revamps, the art of taking something old and making it relevant to a new generation. This process has worked so well for Star Wars and Marvel movies, and on Thursday night James Corden and Cher tried it with the singer’s iconic hit “I Got You Babe,” turning it into “I Got You Bae.”

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Gal Gadot had military training before she met Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t intimidate Gal Gadot, the actress made clear on Thursday’s Late Late Show With James Corden.

Years before she was Wonder Woman, Gadot was a champion at beauty pageants. In fact, Gadot won Miss Israel in 2004, and she later participated in Miss Universe as well. That’s right, the very same Miss Universe pageant that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump used to run. When she mentioned this on The Late Late Show, both host Corden and fellow guest Cher had questions.

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Tom Cruise acts out his movie career with James Corden

Over more than 30 years in the movie business, Tom Cruise has starred in all kinds of films: action blockbusters, sci-fi thrillers, and even a movie about bartenders mixing drinks. On Wednesday night, he relived all of them alongside Late Late Show host James Corden for Role Call.

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See Tom Cruise reprise his Cocktail role with James Corden

Which would you rather have: cocktails or dreams? What if we said you can have both?

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'Terrified' James Corden revs up county fair in monster truck

Although he’s been living in the U.S. for 18 months, James Corden is still trying to learn about what it means to be an American. As part of his ongoing research, the Late Late Show host recently visited a county fair, and documented his experiences on Tuesday night’s episode.

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Shaquille O'Neal and James Corden's prank show doesn't go as planned

Ashton Kutcher’s prank show Punk’d is one of those things that, especially in retrospect, looks a lot easier to pull off than it actually is in reality. On Monday night, for example, Shaquille O’Neal and James Corden tried starting their own version, Shaq’d. In this prank project, Corden and O’Neal would disguise themselves and then trick unsuspecting people. Only problem is, everyone was suspicious, because O’Neal is one of the most famous basketball players of all time, and his size and stature is rather recognizable. 

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Stevie Nicks and James Corden improvise a song about the clown craze

No one has quite figured out what’s going on with all the clowns that keep popping up everywhere, so James Corden decided to a little investigating with his guests on Thursday night’s Late Late Show.

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