Laurie McCarthy

Reign boss reveals Francis will die this season — exclusive

Despite the fact that Reign doesn’t always follow the history books, one thing is certain: King Francis will die in the upcoming third season of the series. Showrunner Laurie McCarthy spoke exclusively to EW about the death, and why she wanted to spoil it before the season began.

“I wanted people to get used to it — there was no way around it in the storytelling,” McCarthy said. “We’ve done shocking deaths and that’s not the tone of this story.”

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Reign boss talks couples, promises 'a lot of Frary'

For Reign’s third season, the drama won’t just be coming from France, but also from England when the show starts to tell Queen Elizabeth’s side of the story. However, that doesn’t mean we are leaving France in the dust. England or no England, viewers will still be just as entangled in the goings-on of French court as ever. And yes, we’re talking about the relationships. 

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Reign boss talks Francis: 'Even young kings do not live forever' -- exclusive

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know what happened in the March 19 episode of Reign, stop reading now.

In the final moments of tonight’s Reign, Catherine told Francis of Mary’s plans to return to Scotland with Condé. However, viewers didn’t get to see his reaction. Instead, the king grew increasingly pale before collapsing to the ground.

And as the hour came to a close, Francis, now lying in bed, began to bleed from his ears—a visual that fans of the show will recognize from Nostradamus’ visions.

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