Lotte Verbeek

The Last Witch Hunter cast describes working with Vin Diesel, Fantasy Nerd

Fans who know Vin Diesel best for playing good-hearted, lead-footed tough guy Dom Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise might be surprised to see him headlining a fantasy film like The Last Witch Hunter, in which Diesel stars as an immortal slayer of evil witches. But according to his co-stars, the new movie is actually more in line with Diesel’s personal interests: he’s a longtime Dungeons & Dragons nerd.

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Agent Carter casts Whitney Frost and more season 2 additions

When Agent Carter heads to Hollywood, Peggy (Hayley Atwell) will be meeting new friends and foes — and maybe finding a new love interest in the process.

Wynn Everett, Currie Graham, Lotte Verbeek and Reggie Austin have all joined the cast of Agent Carter for season 2, EW has learned. Marvel is expected to announce the new additions at New York Comic-Con on Friday.

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