The Making of Zombie Wars

Vote for your winner for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award

It’s that time of year again, when the editors of the Literary Review gather all the cringeworthy scenes they can find and award one the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Their winner will be announced Dec. 1, but we’d like to hear your opinions. Below are the relevant excerpts from all eight contestants, ranging from Morrissey’s debut novel to Lauren Groff’s critically-acclaimed Fates and Furies.

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The Making of Zombie Wars by Aleksandar Hemon: EW review

You can always tell when writers have writer’s block. Usually they write about it. Think Wonder Boys, think Adaptation. Think Hemon’s latest, which focuses on screenwriter Joshua Levin. Joshua’s family is falling to pieces, with divorce piled atop divorce. His perfect girlfriend is too perfect. He teaches English in the evenings; one of his students is a beautiful Bosnian named Ana. Also, America is invading Iraq. Joshua starts writing a screenplay called Zombie Wars, which is somehow about all of this. It’s a mess. So’s the book around him.

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