Marc Webb

Marc Webb on directing Limitless pilot: 'There were a lot of little visual flights of fancy'

Limitless, CBS’ new action-thriller based on the 2011 sleeper hit starring Bradley Cooper, continues the film’s story, but follows a brand-new user of NZT, the designer drug at the center of the story: Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman. And because he’s new, Brian’s giddily exploring his drug-enabled ability to access every memory he’s ever had, making him capable of doing almost anything.

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On the set of Limitless, the showy series that uses a designer drug to ask 'Why not?'

Brian Finch is high. Not high high, but NZT-high, as in wired-into-every-memory-and-experience-and-morsel-of-knowledge-he’s-ever-learned high, because that’s what NZT, the designer drug at the center of CBS’ new action thriller, does: It gives normal guys like Brian the temporary ability to do anything, once he quickly calculates how to do it. He can outrun police in the middle of a crowded square. He can leap, parkour-style, down a building’s fire escapes.

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