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Moana, Miss Sloane, The Comedian world premieres set for 2016 AFI Fest

As the fall movie season heats up, the AFI Fest announced Tuesday afternoon it will host world premieres of three of the year’s most anticipated titles: Disney’s animated adventure story Moana, the Jessica Chastain gun control drama Miss Sloane, and the Robert De Niro-fronted The Comedian.

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Miss Sloane trailer: Jessica Chastain slow burns in exclusive first look at political thriller

This exclusive trailer for Miss Sloane (in theaters Dec. 9) begins exactly the same way as the film itself does, with a tight close-up of the indefatigable Jessica Chastain staring straight into the camera.

Making a ballistic analogy for the two-time Oscar-nominated actress’ eyes wouldn’t be entirely wrong in the case of this movie. Directed by John Madden, who worked with Chastain five years ago on The Debt, the political thriller engages with the national gun debate as a key part of its plot about the influence of lobbyists in Washington.

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Mark Strong is heading to Mars in exclusive clip from sci-fi drama Approaching the Unknown

In the new sci-fi drama Approaching the Unknown, Mark Strong (Kingsman: The Secret Service) plays astronaut Captain William Stanaforth, who is on a one-way solo mission to Mars. As the journey takes a toll on his life-sustaining systems, he is forced to make impossible choices that threaten his sanity, mission, and very existence. 

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The Brothers Grimsby's Mark Strong addresses the elephant in the room

Mark Strong has been acting since the mid 1980s, often as deep voiced authority figures in dramas such as Zero Dark Thirty — where you may not have recognized him due to his movie wig — The Imitation Game, Syriana, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and last year’s action comedy, Kingsman: The Secret Service, where the played the a straight-laced Q character named Merlin. 

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Sacha Baron Cohen goes undercover in The Brothers Grimsby new red-band trailer

Finding out your brother is a spy might be a life-changing shock for most, but for Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen), it’s an excuse to dive into one dangerous, and outrageous, adventure.

The new red-band trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comedy, The Brothers Grimsby, highlights English soccer hooligan Nobby and the discovery of the secret life of his brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong). And for whatever reason, Sebastian decides Nobby can provide some help on his world-saving mission.

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Mark Strong delves into his epic role as Arthur Miller's tragic hero in A View from the Bridge

Picture a thick iron cable being stretched and tightened with a hundred tons of pressure on both sides, at the risk of violently breaking in half from the tension, right in front of your terrified face — and then you have an idea of what it’s like to watch Mark Strong in A View from the Bridge.

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Sacha Baron Cohen tries some brotherly bonding in the new The Brothers Grimsby trailer

There’s plenty of James Bond-esque action in the latest trailer for The Brothers Grimsby, which features Mark Strong as the world’s greatest superspy and Sacha Baron Cohen as his not-so-super hooligan brother. 

While the recent red-band trailer highlighted the differences between the two siblings (namely, Baron Cohen enjoys test-driving mattresses with his girlfriend while his brother takes care of bad guys), the new trailer shows some brotherly bonding in the form of Baron Cohen sharing his newest tattoo. 

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See Sacha Baron Cohen in the red-band teaser for The Brothers Grimsby

In The Brothers Grimsby, Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong star as two polar-opposite siblings who are forced to go on the run together. One is a no-nonsense kick-ass secret agent, the other is a soccer hooligan who likes to test-drive his mattress before purchase. Try and guess which actor plays which brother?

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