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Masters of Sex star Michael Sheen: Bill must find 'new way' to be with Virginia

The new season of Masters of Sex will find William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) getting new partners both professionally and personally, something that the stars say will be quite an adjustment for their characters.

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Masters of Sex exclusive season 4 trailer promises ‘no more shame'

Uh oh. Things seem to have climaxed between Masters and Johnson, and not in the good way.

EW has an exclusive first look at the fresh trailer for this fall’s new season of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, which enters season four with a bold experiment, even by Doctor Masters’ standards: Bill (Michael Sheen) and Virginia (Lizzy Caplan) are splitting up.

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14 female showrunners who dominated 2015

Perhaps because we are living in an age of “too much television,” or perhaps because network heads are finally beginning to see the value of presenting more diverse outlooks, 2015 was an incredible year for women in television.

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'Full Ten Court'

To say that Bill Masters has been on the ropes is the understatement of this season. All his angling, conniving, and misguided altruism has landed him in a boiling tub of hot water. And it’s fitting that voice inside his head — the one from both his father and now his son — is finally the voice that he listens to. Because he is beat — his actions have destroyed the clinic, his relationship with Virginia, and the remnants of his sham of a family life. It was a riveting season finale with our flawed protagonist succumbing to much more then a busted lip and a few broken ribs.

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'Party of Four'

What happened to poor, distraught Bill? The man who was willing to do anything to get Virginia back? Why does he seem to have read The Pick-Up Artist and is using the Neg method to shame Virginia into choosing him? It clearly can’t work. Or can it?

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'Through a Glass, Darkly'

Throughout the show, Libby’s been in a constant state of getting left behind. Sure, sometimes she and Bill will have sweet moments — like that brief, drunken one in last week’s episode — but for the most part, the two seem like college roommates who are just trying to stick it out for the rest of the school year. Now, though, Libby seems to be finally getting a shot at a relatively normal relationship with Paul Edley. And after losing Robert, it’s about time.

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Masters of Sex First Look: Judy Greer on playing Josh Charles' 'weary' wife

Table for four, please — four very, very troubled characters on Masters of Sex. In an upcoming episode aptly titled “Party of Four” (airing Sept. 20), Bill (Michael Sheen) sets up a thoroughly awkward “business” dinner by inviting Virginia (Lizzy Caplan), Virginia’s lover-slash-perfume magnate Dan Logan (Josh Charles), and — to rile up drama — Dan’s wife, Alice Logan, played by guest star Judy Greer.

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'High Anxiety'

Everyone was freaking out in this week’s episode of Masters of Sex. Virginia was petrified, though she couldn’t admit it that Dan Logan was going to leave and go back to New York. Bill was resorting to spying on Virginia for fear that he was losing his lover. Libby was pulling away from Paul because she didn’t believe she was capable of handling yet another extra-marital relationship. And poor Austin Langham lost custody of his kids and hit rock bottom, squatting in a pink bathrobe in Helen and Betty’s apartment. No, all was not well among the St.

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There sure was a lot of surrogacy going around in the eighth episode of this season’s Master’s of Sex, aptly titled Surrogates. Besides Bill’s attempts to build a surrogacy program despite the objections of Virginia, Betty and Helen have turned to the always willing Dr. Austin Langham to give them a baby that Dr. Masters won’t on his own. But surrogacy goes much deeper this episode.

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'Monkey Business'

So men need love and encouragement to perform. Gorillas need the same kind of positive reinforcement. Therefore by the transitive property men are really no different than gorillas? Women have known this for years—now Bill Masters knows too. This episode of Masters of Sex, aptly titled “Monkey Business” features probably the weirdest scene between a human and a gorilla on cable television yet. But it wouldn’t be Masters of Sex if things didn’t get weird sometimes.

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