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Play 6 classic Mega Man games on PS4, Xbox One later this summer

A new Mega Man game may not be on the way, but for those looking for a Blue Bomber fix, Capcom will deliver one later this summer.

The publisher announced today that Mega Man Legacy Collection will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC this summer, with a 3DS version to follow in the winter. The collection will bring together the first six original Mega Man titles, along with a promised Challenge Mode and musem mode that will include art from those six titles. 

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Mega Man animated series to be released for Blue Bomber's 30th anniversary

The Blue Bomber is making his return to TV with a new animated series that will celebrate the classic video game chararcter’s 30th anniversary.

Dentsu Entertainment and Man of Action Entertainment have announced a partnership to create a 26-episode animated series based on Mega Man. Dentsu will have worldwide broadcast rights while Man of Action, the creators of Ben 10, will handle work on the show.

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