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March 25, 2009 AT 08:26 PM EDT

Emmy winner Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) returns to series TV March 26 with the premiere of the new ABC comedy In the Motherhood (Thursdays, 8 p.m. ET). We celebrated the best way we know how: by making her take an EW Pop Culture Personality Test.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What show makes you yell at the TV?

MEGAN MULLALLY: [Laughs] My husband and I — and this is very atypical for my husband [Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman], so just know that he’s not gay — but my husband and I were watching The Bachelor in a way that was, like, unhealthy. We hadn’t watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette for years, pretty much since Trista and Ryan, and we just got really absorbed in it. We’d TiVo it, and we’d be watching like, “No, no, no. Go back. Go back. Go back.” Like, somebody would say something or somebody would give somebody a look, and we’d be like, “Rewind it!” Just a lot of really invested, mutual, crazy behavior over The Bachelor.

Have you forgiven Jason?

We weren’t as mad at him as America in general was. Even though it all seemed a little odd. I heard he was America’s most-hated person there for a minute, which is really sad. [Laughs] Can you imagine? You never want to be America’s most-hated person. That’s just terrible. All he did was go on a dating show. He didn’t kill anybody. It really seems unwarranted. And you know what, who cares? Melissa’s on Dancing With the Stars now, she’s America’s sweetheart. Leave him alone.

The movie you have to watch every time you spot it on cable?

Let’s see. I’m not a very good repeat viewer of movies. But I think — and this is sad — probably Mary Poppins. That’s really pathetic. How could you not watch that?


Did you ever write a fan letter to someone when you were young? If so, who?

Oh, you know…[Laughs] I think I wrote a love letter to Michael Jackson….I just now remembered that.

I’m sorry.

[Laughs] I did not hear back. I was really in love with alot of people when I was young. I was first in love with Davy Jones ofthe Monkees and then I was in love with David Cassidy. But I do think Iactually wrote a letter to Michael Jackson, so you can take from thatwhat you will. I’m not proud.

Is there a piece of pop culture memorabilia from your childhood that you wish you still had?

My mom — she’s 87 and I’m 50 — she has saved a lot of my stuff. Iused to really love Troll dolls, and she saved the whole thing I hadcalled Troll Village. And I also had a fairy wand that lit up when youtipped it down that she still has. Those were my two favorite things,and I still have them.

What is your geekiest possession?

Oh, well you know, [voice shrinks] I collect comic books.

I didn’t know that.

Nobody knows that. I haven’t done it recently, but I went through aphase, like, four or five years ago, where apparently I had a lot oftime on my hands and I had discovered eBay and the Internet and thingsof the modern age. I realized that when I was a kid, I had the comicsof The Spirit, and I really loved them. So it started with that. And then I also really liked Fantastic Four and Aquaman. So I had collected a couple of those.

What is your position on karaoke?

It’s funny that you would ask that. I get too nervous to sing karaoke. I’ve done three Broadway musicals [Grease, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Young Frankenstein], I’ve performed at Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center, but I cannot get up and do a karaoke song because I get too nervous. The other coincidence is that I play the singing teacher in the [upcoming] movie remake of Fame, and my character is sort of tricked into getting up and singing a song at a karaoke bar. There will be an example on celluloid of me singing karaoke. It’s an old Rodgers & Hart standard, “You Took Advantage of Me.” It’s kind of a barn burner.

The person or band you’ve seen most often in concert?

Most often? Probably Randy Newman. Tom Waits maybe. Like I said, I’m not a big repeat experiencer, so I only saw Randy Newman like three times. Once I’ve seen it, I feel like, Well, I’ve done that, now I can do something else.

The person or band you still need to see?

I need to have lunch with Randy Newman really bad, so if you could —

Put that out there for you? Done.

I know Tom Waits. I’ve known Tom Waits for a long time, and I’m not saying that in a braggy way, it’s just that they influenced me a lot in my creative development. And Randy Newman I met once very briefly, but neither one of us are spring chickens, and I need to get him on the horn and sit down. I just admire him so much. He’s, like, the only person I would ever say that about. There are no actors or sports people or anybody in the public eye… I just admire him.

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