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Wayward Pines: Melissa Leo talks brief return to town

Spoilers for the second season of Wayward Pines ahead. Read at your own risk! 

Nurse Pam returned to Wayward Pines — and just as quickly exited. Like actress Carla Gugino before her, season 1 star Melissa Leo couldn’t stick around for a full second season of Wayward Pines. Instead, she tells EW, she carved out enough time about two weeks ago to film a few scenes for her guest star appearance on the spooky thriller.

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Wayward Pines recap: 'Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines'

Nope, this isn’t a crossover with ABC’s Once Upon a Time — it’s a Nurse Pam episode! In a series of flashbacks, we learn all about how Nurse Pam of House Pilcher, Mother of Wayward Pines, Queen of Saccharine Monologues, First of Her Name, raised and groomed lil’ Jason from being a normal child into the world’s broodiest fascist leader. GREAT JOB, NURSE PAM! I’d give you a lollipop, but alas, I’m just a recapper… sitting in front of a screen… asking it to make sense of episode 3.

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Wayward Pines: Melissa Leo returns to meet the town's new doc in exclusive clip

After taking some time off, Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo) is back in town. Her and her new haircut’s first order of business: Stop by the hospital, where she meets Wayward Pines’ newest citizen, Theo (Jason Patric), season 2’s just-woken-up-from-suspended-animation, post-Ethan hero.

Strangely enough, Pam knows a thing or two about Theo’s past. “Do you really think Hawaii was all about you?” she taunts in the exclusive clip above. (But wait, wasn’t it? Sheriff Pope, played by Terrence Howard, recruited him, after all.)

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Melissa Leo cast as the First Lady in HBO's LBJ movie All the Way

Bryan Cranston has found his better half for his role as President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Oscar-winning actress Melissa Leo (The Fighter) has been added to the HBO movie All the Way, EW has confirmed. She will play First Lady Claudia Alta Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson in the project. Lady Bird was played by Betsy Aidem in Robert Schenkkan’s Broadway play.

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Melissa Leo, Captain America star join Showtime pilot I'm Dying Up Here

Melissa Leo and Sebastian Stan have joined the cast of Showtime’s one-hour pilot, I’m Dying Up Here, based on William Knoedelseder’s book of the same name, the network announced on Friday. 

The pair is joined by Clark Duke, as well as previously announced cast members Ari Graynor, Andrew Santino, RJ Cyler, Erik Griffin, and Stephen Guarino. Set in 1970s-LA, I’m Dying Up Here focuses on the stand-up scene and those in the business of making others laugh. 

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Pam advises Theresa to 'question things' in Wayward Pines exclusive clip

It’s always good to question things in Wayward Pines, even when Nurse Pam is the one advising you to do so.

In an exclusive clip from the newest Wayward Pines, “A Reckoning,” Thersa (Shannyn Sossamon) expresses her doubts to Pam (Melissa Leo), who tries to comfort her with a little friendly advice.

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David Pilcher and Pam discuss their safety in Wayward Pines exclusive clip

There’s never a dull moment in Wayward Pines, and for David Pilcher and Pam, that could mean their lives are constantly at risk.

In a new exclusive clip from this week’s episode, “The Friendliest Place on Earth,” David (Toby Jones) and Pam (Melissa Leo) discuss a possible security breach. “Friendliest” sees Pam interviewing surveillance engineers to discover whether false reports of activities in Wayward Pines have been made, or if all is really as it seems. It’s a safe bet it isn’t in a place like Wayward Pines.

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Wayward Pines trailer tells you to always answer the phone

A new trailer for Fox’s M. Night Shyamalan event series Wayward Pines lists off the rules of the titular town. These rules include “Do not try to leave,” “Do not discuss the past,” and, perhaps most ominously, “Always answer the phone if it rings.” Matt Dillon’s Ethan Burke gets a phone call which instructs him to kill the man in front of him. Later, Melissa Leo’s character says, “This is no ordinary town.” That sort of seems self-explanatory. 

Also in the trailer: Terrence Howard talks about rum raisin ice cream. 

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