Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside plays hardball in exclusive clip from time travel thriller Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the latest film from writer-director Jacob Gentry, one of the folks responsible for 2007’s criminally underseen apocalypse movie The Signal. Gentry’s new project concerns a physicist who has invented a machine which can fold space-time and a ruthless tycoon who will stop at nothing to get his mitts on it.

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Post-apocalyptic survivors tool up in exclusive clip from Turbo Kid

Never throw away a garden gnome — it might come in useful after the apocalypse. That seems to be the message of a new, exclusive clip from Turbo Kid, a blood-drenched but heart-filled homage to ’80s sci-fi action films that will be released in select theaters Aug. 28. (The film will also be available on VOD and via iTunes from that date.)

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