Moby condemns Trump's win: 'America made a mistake'

Moby took to Instagram on Wednesday to voice his frustration about the results of last night’s presidential election. “America, via the antiquated electoral college, might have chosen the ignorant bigot over the erudite progressive, but I’m still so proud of all of the work that so many of us did to try to get Hillary Clinton elected,” the musician wrote in the caption accompanying a picture of himself and the Democratic nominee. “America made a mistake yesterday, we didn’t.”

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Moby explains why he 'doesn’t ever want to tour again'

Few artists played a more important role in the mainstreaming of electronic music than Moby, who brought the genre to the masses with albums like 1999’s Play. Earlier this month, the 51-year-old artist returned with his 13th studio album, These Systems Are Failing, in a conversation with EW, he seems focused on other things.

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Moby reflects on the iPod 15 years later: 'It felt like absurd, alchemical magic'

Shortly after Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPod during a keynote address on Oct. 23, 2001, Apple shared a seven-minute promotional video touting the revolutionary device. The clip is a blast from the past — longtime Apple execs Phil Schiller and Jonny Ive both appear — and it features testimonials from three musicians: Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell, the crooner Seal, and electronica luminary Moby.

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Julie Mintz unveils the strings-drenched, Moby-produced ballad 'Till She Disappears' -- exclusive

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Julie Mintz joined Moby’s band as a backup singer in 2011, and recently he returned the favor by producing her debut EP A Thin Veil. As the single “Till She Disappears” proves, it’s a far different type of joint than Moby’s usually known for—an elegant and bewitching blend of Americana and orchestral pop that sits somewhere between Gillian Welch and Lana Del Rey.

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