Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock gives the Founding Fathers a modern voice in new voting PSA — exclusive

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison have a new look to go with their timeless ideas about democracy in #FoundingFathers, the latest short film from We the Voters.

The nearly five-minute movie, premiering exclusively on EW, heralds the second wave of shorts from Morgan Spurlock, Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions, and Show of Force, which intends to inform and entertain voters about fundamental election issues from a non-partisan standpoint.

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'1D in 3D' trailer: One Direction's concert movie will be a scream -- VIDEO

Why does the teaser trailer for One Direction’s upcoming concert movie helpfully begin with a title card that confirms viewers are, in fact, about to watch the teaser trailer for One Direction’s upcoming concert movie? Maybe it’s simply to give die-hard Directioners extra time to get their squeals out.

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