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Natalie Dormer joins Mel Gibson, Sean Penn drama Professor and the Madman

Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer is plotting a return to the big screen with a starring role in the upcoming Mel Gibson/Sean Penn drama The Professor and the Madman, EW has confirmed.

Adapted from Simon Winchester’s book of the same name (originally titled The Surgeon of Crowthorne), Professor and the Madman chronicles the true story behind the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Game of Thrones: Natalie Dormer reveals Margaery's dream cellmate

Cersei Lannister may be out and about, making moves with her newly returned brother and bodyguard, but the real queen of Westeros, Margaery Tyrell, still lingers in a dark prison cell on Game of Thrones. She’s mostly alone but for those annoying septas – and wouldn’t it be nice to have a little royal company? 

When EW was on set for the filming of season 6, we asked Natalie Dormer herself who Margaery’s dream cellmate would be on the show. 

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Game of Thrones Natalie Dormer details Margaery's desperate season 6

It must be so frustrating for her: Margaery Tyrell should be winning this thing! The Game of Thrones character has the cunning smarts, the dynastic family name, and the skills both social and, yes, sensual. Three times she’s been queued up to be queen, yet circumstances beyond her control keep pushing a comfy reign just beyond her grasp. Now headed into season 6 of the HBO drama, Margaery is at her lowest point yet: Imprisoned by the Faith Militant while arch-rival Cersei (Lena Headey) is free at the Red Keep.

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This Week's Cover:
Game of Thrones women are set to rule season 6

Now it’s their turn: On HBO’s Game of Thrones, the show’s powerful female characters are about to take center stage more than ever before. So for this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, we go behind the scenes of the Emmy-dominating drama’s ultra-mysterious new season, plus profile six of the show’s leading ladies whose storylines are about to change Westeros forever.

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Natalie Dormer teases Margaery's trials in Game of Thrones season 6

Natalie Dormer dressed similarly to her Game of Thrones character Margaery Tyrell at the Golden Globes: an elegant dress, expertly coiffed hair, and impeccable makeup. That’s not going to be the case in season 6.

When speaking to EW and PEOPLE from the 73rd annual Golden Globes’ red carpet, Dormer teased what lies ahead for her regal character. (Spoilers ahead.)

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Natalie Dormer weighs in on the possibility of a Hunger Games prequel

The saga of Katniss Everdeen came to a close a few weeks ago when The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 hit theaters in November. Since then, rumors have swirled about the possibility of a follow-up film, and Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns said during a recent investor conference that he hoped the franchise would “live on and on and on.”

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Game of Thrones: Natalie Dormer says 'Cersei is the least of Margaery's problems'

The last time we saw Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, she was thrown into the Black Cells along with her brother, Loras, at the hands of the High Sparrow thanks to information delivered by Cersei. By the end of the season, she was told she’d need to stand trial for giving false testimony in defending her brother.

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