Natalie Maines

Dixie Chicks frontwoman slams country radio for Trump coverage

Despite fronting one of the most successful country groups of the last two decades, Natalie Maines has not always seen eye to eye with with the genre over the years on a political level. On Wednesday night, the singer called out country radio for covering Donald Trump after the stations had banned her music during George W. Bush’s presidency.

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Music Mix Q&A: Henry Rollins on 'West of Memphis' soundtrack and what's next for the West Memphis Three

West Of Memphis Henry Rollins

Image Credit: Olivia Fougeirol Hamel

Back in 1994, three teenagers were convicted for the murder of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. The three young men—Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin—were railroaded from start to finish, and the case against them was built on the idea that the children were killed as part of a satanic ritual conducted by the trio, who were also quiet kids who listened to heavy metal.

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