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Orphan Black season 4 blooper reel is full of laughs (and clones)

What’s a Clone Club without a few laughs to go around?

The cast and creators of Orphan Black descended on San Diego for the BBC America drama’s panel Friday at Comic-Con, during which they treated fans to a compilation of season 4 bloopers.

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Orphan Black bosses tease where final season picks up

Orphan Black fans might want to clone the beloved series to keep it from ending after the forthcoming final season. Series star (and Emmy nominee) Tatiana Maslany feels the same.

“I don’t want to not have to play these characters,” Maslany tells EW. “I’m going to do a one-woman show, actually.”

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Comic-Con 2016: Everything you need to know before the Orphan Black panel

This past season of Orphan Black was arguably one of the best yet, thanks in no small part to a revised focus on OG clone Beth Childs and the shadowy operations — and origins — of Neolution. Plus, Delphine is back!

Now, ahead of the show’s Comic-Con panel on Friday, here’s a refresher on the current status of the BBC America drama.

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Orphan Black season finale recap: 'From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths'

And just like that, we’re at the end of another season of Orphan Blackthe penultimate one, as BBC America announced just hours before this episode aired. So we’re getting one more, Clone Club-ers, and after tonight I can’t wait to see where things go next.

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Orphan Black to end with season 5

Cult sensation Orphan Black has been renewed for a fifth – and final – season.

That’s right: The BBC America thriller starring Tatiana Maslany will end with season 5.

Statements, statements, statements:

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Orphan Black creator answers season finale burning questions

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Thursday’s season 4 finale of Orphan Black.]

Bad Rachel is back in a big way. The evil clone went haywire in the season 4 finale of Orphan Black, stabbing her own mother, Susan Duncan, and then stabbing Sarah as well, who limped off in agony. Sarah wasn’t the only one in danger. As things wrapped up, her family was being held hostage by Ferdinand while Alison and Donnie were hiding out from nefarious henchmen with Helena.

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Orphan Black recap: 'The Mitigation of Competition'

Well, that was a double dose of happy returns.

Seeing Delphine again (She’s alive! But where? What’s happened to her? How soon can we tell Cosima? So many questions!) was the perfect capper to this season’s second-to-last episode, which began with another very happy return. Helena seems very in her elements in the elements, doesn’t she?

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Orphan Black creator on this week’s shocking double character return

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Thursday’s “The Mitigation of Competition” episode of Orphan Black.]

Everything — and everyone — is beginning to come together as the fourth season of Orphan Black revs up to its finale next week.

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Orphan Black recap: 'The Redesign of Natural Objects'

Does an eye for an eye make the whole world blind? Siobhan doesn’t seem to think so, or at least not in the case of Detective Duko and her mother.

I was slightly surprised that she did shoot him — at the very least, Duko could have been useful had he been willing to double-cross Evie and help them — but then again, everyone’s moral compasses are a bit skewed on this show. What surprised me even more was that for a moment there, I did think Alison might betray Sarah to help Donnie. Should’ve known she’d pick sestras over mestras.

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Orphan Black recap: 'The Antisocialism of Sex'

TGFF. Thank God for Felix.

Brother Sestra really came through tonight, saving not just one but two clones from making disastrous (and potentially deadly) decisions.

Those two, of course, were Cosima and Sarah, both wracked with guilt by the fallout from their decision to team with Susan Duncan, which led to them getting double crossed by Neolution baddie Evie Cho and Kendall Malone being murdered.

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