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Starz CEO on Outlander Emmys snub: 'It’s silly'

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht can only shake his head over the droughtlander of Emmy nominations this year.

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Outlander finale: Ronald D. Moore recaps season 2, and what death he regrets

The 13th episode of Outlander, “Dragonfly in Amber,” marked the second season finale the Starz series. (Tear!) We asked Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore to look back at the challenges of adapting Diana Gabaldon’s second book, Dragonfly in Amber, to the small screen — and what we can expect in season 3.

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Outlander: Richard Rankin reveals how Roger and Brianna will meet

In anticipation of his debut as Roger Wakefield in Saturday’s season finale of Outlander, Richard Rankin talked to EW about the shooting process and what may throw fans who have devoured Diana Gabaldon’s book series.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How much time did you spend on the episode?RICHARD RANKIN: I believe it was about two to three weeks.

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Outlander finale recap: 'Dragonfly in Amber'

From the gleaming courts of France to the body-strewn battlefields of Britain, we’ve been on quite the journey during Outlander’s second season. Yet we end, essentially, where we began: with Claire in the future and without love-of-her-life Jamie.

The epic, 90-minute “Dragonfly in Amber” weaves the narrative’s two timelines, with a heavy emphasis on the 20th century,  where we meet the grown-up versions of Claire and Jamie’s daughter Brianna (played by Sophie Skelton) and Reverend Wakefield’s adopted son Roger (played by Richard Rankin).

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Outlander: 3 shows to help with your new Richard Rankin obsession

On Saturday’s season 2 finale of Outlander, Richard Rankin will make his debut as Roger Wakefield, the love interest for Claire and Jamie’s daughter Brianna Randall (Sophie Skelton). Brianna and Roger’s arrival in the story has been much anticipated — we’ve seen young Roger here and there throughout the series thus far — and Outlander fans are likely to find a new obsession in Rankin.

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Outlander recap: 'The Hail Mary'

Though titled “The Hail Mary” — a reference to both Jamie’s final attempt to thwart the Battle of Culloden and Mary Hawkins’ return — this week’s Outlander episode was all about two men at the end of their lives and how their deathbed decisions would affect generations.

We open just outside Inverness, as Jamie, Claire, and the rest reunite with Prince Charles’ encampment. And the men — once vigorous and vital at Prestonpans — are broken and demoralized following five months of retreat. 

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Outlander scoop: EP says casting Brianna was 'tricky'

Casting Brianna was no walk in the park — or stroll through the Highlands, rather — for the producers of Outlander.

As if finding the perfect actors to play Jamie and Claire wasn’t hard enough, executive producer Ronald D. Moore said it was “difficult” to track down a young woman who could pass for their daughter. Ditto for Roger (Richard Rankin), the man who would eventually become Brianna’s romantic interest in the ongoing saga.

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Outlander: Exclusive first look at Brianna and Roger

Two very important characters are set to debut on the second season finale of Outlander, and EW has snagged the first look!

Meet Brianna Randall (Sophie Skelton) and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin), two of the most integral characters to the Outlander series behind Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). Though viewers of the Starz drama met younger versions of the duo in previous episodes, this is the first time the network has released images from the July 9 finale.

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Outlander recap: 'Vengeance Is Mine'

“Tell me, does it ever occur to you that taking Claire to wife might not have been the wisest thing you ever did?”

You can hardly blame Murtagh for asking such a question of Jamie, especially given that the pair are crouched in the dark of the Scottish countryside, eyeing horses to purloin in order to rescue said wife. But Jamie has clearly never had such a thought. After all, he’s risked as much for Claire as she’s risked for him — and “Vengeance Is Mine” is a perfect example of that give and take.

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Outlander recap: 'Prestonpans'

After a couple of humdrum episodes, Outlander returned to fighting form this week with “Prestonpans,” a bloody, emotional hour that found Jamie and his clansmen mourning one of their own.

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