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Eve Plumb (yes, that Eve Plumb!) joins The Path for season 2

Here’s the story of a lovely lady EW has learned will be guest starring on Hulu’s The Path. Eve Plumb, who (of course) played Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch will join series regulars Aaron Paul, Hugh Dancy, and Michelle Monaghan on the Hulu series for season 2.

As with much of the twists and turn on this show, there’s not a whole lot of information on Plumb’s character, but we do know she’ll be playing Wendy, a deprogrammer hired by a Meyerist member’s parents in an effort to help him leave The Movement. (Place your guess on which member that might be.)

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James Remar joins Hulu's The Path for season 2

The Movement is about to get even messier: Season 2 of The Path will be adding James Remar as an elder Meyerist named Kodiak, EW has learned.

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The Path casts Hunger Games actress as season 2 regular

Glimmer’s ready to climb the Ladder: Leven Rambin, who played the District 1 tribute in the first Hunger Games film, will star in the cult drama’s second season, EW has confirmed.

Rambin joins as a series regular in the role of Chloe, a woman from Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) past who reenters his life. Their history will lead to a new, complicated (what else is there on The Path?) relationship.

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The Path finale recap: 'The Miracle'

That’s it, my fellow guardians of the light. We’ve reached the final rung of this ladder that we call “season 1.” And maybe I’ve drunk one too many “medicinal” green-juice cocktails, but the closer I get to the end, the more paranoid I get about what’s really going on. Why does every plotline on this show suddenly feel like a widespread conspiracy?

Conspiracy theory #1: Alison isn’t really returning to Meyerism

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The Path recap: 'A Room of One's Own'

How does a fringe movement get passed down from one generation to the next? This is something that showrunner Jessica Goldberg often thought about while creating The Path. “Most cults are first generation,” she recently told Vanity Fair. “They revolve around a very charismatic leader and when that leader dies, the cult’s over.” This is why children are so crucial to a movement’s endurance: Long after the leader has died, the youngest followers to keep it alive.

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The Path recap: 'The Shore'

When you’re standing on the beach, where Hawk and Eddie end up in “The Shore,” you can’t see where it begins or ends. There are no definitive lines. Sand and sea and sky blur together. It’s a liminal space, an “in-between” place where one thing transforms into another. Something about it feels spiritual — and not just because Eddie’s dead brother shows up there to wander among the seagulls. Hawk and Eddie might literally be in Coney Island, eating $11 crab rolls just off the boardwalk, but they’re not the only ones standing on a threshold.

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The Path renewed for season 2 on Hulu

Hulu wants to take fans further down The Path. The streaming service has picked up the drama for a second season.

The show, which stars Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy, follows a man (Paul) struggling with his faith in a religious movement called Meyerism. The Path also explores the effect of the group, which some would call a cult, on his family.

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The Path recap: 'Refugees'

“Where there is transgression, there is also transformation.”

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The Path recap: 'Breaking and Entering'

“The reason to have a home is to keep certain people in and everyone else out,” the novelist Jenny Offill once wrote. Some might say that’s also the reason to have a family, or to have a religion. Family is the bedrock of Meyerism. Couples build their faith through loyalty to each other, and children obey their parents. This system is supposed to make everyone’s beliefs stronger, so that when someone like Eddie starts to stray from the faith, his family brings him back in. He remains a Meyerist in part because he doesn’t want to lose the people he loves.

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The Path recap: 'The Hole'

Last week’s Ascension Day festival set off a lot of fireworks, as holidays are wont to do. Hawk and Ashley hooked up, Eddie decided to try ascending the next rung of the ladder (7R) with Cal, and Sarah took charge of the Ridge situation. This week’s episode is a little quieter and concerns itself mostly with the fallout of those big twists.

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