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Patricia Clarkson addresses Hollywood sexism in candid interview

Patricia Clarkson says women “have risen” in Hollywood but are “still underpaid” and “still a vast minority” — and she’s shared some more candid thoughts about sexism in the industry.

Speaking to The Guardian while promoting her film Learning to Drive, the conversation turned to the outcry over the female-led Ghostbusters reboot.

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Patricia Clarkson recalls her mini road trip with Learning to Drive costar Ben Kingsley

In her latest film Learning to Drive, Patricia Clarkson had to get behind the wheel with costar Sir Ben Kingsley. The only problem? The actress isn’t the most confident driver.

For EW’s Greatest Story Ever Told video series, Clarkson recalls having to drive across the Queensboro Bridge with Kingsley in the passenger seat for a scene. But when the two reached the other side, Clarkson just kept driving. For the full mini road trip narrative, check out the video above.

Learning to Drive hits theaters Aug. 21. 

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See the exclusive trailer and poster for 'October Gale' with Patricia Clarkson


Remember On Golden Pond? Well, October Gale is sorta like that—except the husband is dead and the young man who comes to visit the idyllic country getaway is a fugitive with a gunshot wound. Oh, and the wife is a crack shot who has to defend herself when a figurative and literal storm brews outside.

Okay, so maybe it’s nothing like On Golden Pond. There aren’t even any loons—unless you count Tim Roth.

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