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Legends of Tomorrow recap: 'The Justice Society of America'

The Justice Society of America knows what they’re doing.

Just look at the way they take down the Legends in the first five minutes of the episode. When the JSA confronts the team of misfits about being in 1942 and stepping on their turf, they roundly knock out the heroic wannabes, even though Heywood gets excited about Commander Steel (a.k.a. Heywood’s grandfather) and — oh, right! — the Legends try to explain they’ve met Rex (a.k.a. Hourman) before, when he warned them in the season finale to stay away.

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Suits postmortem: How soon will Mike and Rachel get married?

Free at last! After spending nine episodes behind bar, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) was finally set free thanks to a deal he made with Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) in Wednesday night’s episode. The question on everyone’s mind is what’s next for this former fake lawyer?

Well, EW spoke to Patrick J. Adams ahead of tonight’s episode to find out the answer to that question and, more importantly, to find out whether wedding bells are in the near future for Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle). 

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Suits' Patrick J. Adams previews fallout of Mike's arrest: 'It pushes them all to the limit'

The lawyers of Pearson Specter Litt face their most personal case yet.

When Suits returns Wednesday night it’s all hands on deck to help Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud in the midseason finale. Ahead of the winter premiere, EW caught up with Adams to talk about what we can expect from season 5B, including what Mike’s arrest means for the wedding and whether or not we’ll see some familiar faces.

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Listen: Patrick J. Adams reveals why he really guest starred on 'Pretty Little Liars'


Image Credit: EW

Suits star Patrick J. Adams visited EW Radio (SiriusXM 105) on Monday, and while he started The Editor’s Hour off right by singing along to Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”—he has a lovely falsetto—his performance during our “You Said It!” game is what you really need to hear. How it works: We read lines from some of his previous TV credits, and he tries to identify the show and provide an interesting anecdote about shooting the role.

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'Suits': Meet former name partner Charles Van Dyke -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Suits 01

Image Credit: USA

On the April 3 episode of Suits, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) may have more to deal with than Mike (Patrick J. Adams) deciding whether or not to leave the firm for a new job that doesn’t involve pretending to be a lawyer. Former name partner Charles Van Dyke (Homeland’s Jamey Sheridan) returns with an axe to grind with Jessica (Gina Torres). Watch a sneak peek below.

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'Suits' star Patrick J. Adams takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test -- VIDEO


Spoiler alert! Suits fans have a lot to smile about today: Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) are back together. (Sorry, Louis. You did make us tear up.)

But we’ll give you one more reason: Adams recently stopped by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test and revealed, among other things, his first celebrity crush, his prized pop culture possession, and to whom he once wrote a fan letter. Watch the video below.

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'Suits' postmortem: Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle dish on season premiere


Image Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the Suits season premiere, stop reading now. Stars Patrick J. Adams (Mike) and Meghan Markle (Rachel) stopped by EW separately today to chat about what went down in the hour and where we go from here.

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