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New Spider-Man director's bloody horror movie Clown: See an exclusive clip

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What’s funny about an ordinary family man turning into a demonic, child-murdering clown? Very little, as a clip from the new horror movie Clown gruesomely proves.

Produced by Hostel filmmaker Eli Roth and directed by Jon Watts, who is currently at work on Spider-Man: Homecoming, the movie stars Laura Allen, Andy Powers, Elizabeth Whitmere, and the always watchable Peter Stormare.

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Fargo’s wood-chipper turns 20: A brief oral history

Two decades after the release of Fargo, the snowbanks of our memory are still splattered with Steve Buscemi’s body parts. After searching two states for fugitives Carl Showalter (Buscemi) and Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare), police chief Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand) comes across a grisly, unforgettable sight: Grimsrud feeding his accomplice into a wood chipper.

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Casting Net: Jason Isaacs to play villain in Gore Verbinski's horror flick A Cure for Wellness

  • Jason Isaacs will be playing Gore Verbinski’s villain in his upcoming supernatural horror flick, A Cure for Wellness, which centers around an employee who was sent to rescue his boss from a European “wellness spa.” Isaacs is set to play the facility’s villainous director. Production will start in Europe in June. [<a href=”http://www.hol

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Horror game Until Dawn announces August release, adds Peter Stormare to cast

If you’ve ever found yourself shouting at the idiocy of characters in a horror film as they walk to their doom, Until Dawn is for you. Sony’s upcoming horror game will let players control characters in what is essentially a classic slasher film made interactive, giving the player the opportunity to finally make the choices that could mean the difference between death and survival.

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'The Last Stand' new trailer: Forest Whitaker laments 'a psychopath in a Batmobile' -- VIDEO

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s craggy-faced action comeback in South Korean director Kim Jee-woon’s English language debut The Last Stand is only a month or so away, out in theaters Jan. 18, and the movie’s new trailer pulls out more one liners from the former California Governator, costar Forest Whitaker and goofy sidekick Johnny Knoxville.

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