Phil Hartman

Saturday Night Live: Relive 42 years of auditions

It’s been 41 years since the words “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” were first uttered. It was George Carlin who hosted that fateful premiere at studio 8H, and the sketch comedy world was never the same. (Fun fact: The reason the phrase is worded that way is because the show was originally called NBC’s Saturday Night. Even after the switch to the current name in 1977, it stuck).

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Here are the 8 most memorable Saturday Night Live Donald Trump sketches

With Taran Killam set to play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this season, it’s time to revisit the show’s previous jabs at the hotel-magnate-turned-presidential-hopeful. From Phil Hartman’s early impressions to Darrell Hammond’s hilariously ludicrous caricature of The Apprentice personality to the Trumpster himself hosting the show in 2004, here are the eight most memorable (and one throwback) SNL takes on Donald Trump:

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