Rachel Talalay

From Tank Girl to Sherlock: The less-than-elementary return of director Rachel Talalay

It’s been almost three months since Rachel Talalay began shooting the premiere of the new season of Sherlock, and even now she is still on a high from working with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on the beloved PBS Masterpiece sleuth series. “The fact that it takes three years to get them together long enough to be on the series and then be invited to direct it is phenomenal,” she says. “It’s a tremendous experience on every level.”

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David Lynch-esque weirdness meets cable access ineptitude in the insane teaser for Divorced Dad

Those looking for a truly weird-but-wonderful film could do much worse than check out 2014’s The Editor, a dementedly detailed spoof of the Italian “giallo” horror genre made by Canadian multimedia collective Astron-6. Indeed, The Editor is such a bizarre movie that one had to assume the group’s next project would be less weird. Wrong!

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