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Rambo: New Blood

Sylvester Stallone will not be a part of the new Rambo series

Sylvester Stallone will not be a part of developing Fox series Rambo: New Blood.

In an initial release, the network claimed that Stallone would be an executive producer on the show and that he might reprise his role from the 1982 series. Now, EW can confirm that Stallone will not be involved.

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Rambo TV series in the works at Fox

First a new Rocky movie knocking out most box office rivals last weekend, now this: Fox is developing a Rambo TV series with Sylvester Stallone. 

The script deal is for a series titled Rambo: New Blood, which “pays homage to the original Rambo films, [and] will explore the complex relationship between Rambo and his son, J.R., an ex-Navy SEAL.”

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