Richard Rankin

Outlander: Richard Rankin reveals how Roger and Brianna will meet

In anticipation of his debut as Roger Wakefield in Saturday’s season finale of Outlander, Richard Rankin talked to EW about the shooting process and what may throw fans who have devoured Diana Gabaldon’s book series.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How much time did you spend on the episode?RICHARD RANKIN: I believe it was about two to three weeks.

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Outlander: 3 shows to help with your new Richard Rankin obsession

On Saturday’s season 2 finale of Outlander, Richard Rankin will make his debut as Roger Wakefield, the love interest for Claire and Jamie’s daughter Brianna Randall (Sophie Skelton). Brianna and Roger’s arrival in the story has been much anticipated — we’ve seen young Roger here and there throughout the series thus far — and Outlander fans are likely to find a new obsession in Rankin.

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Outlander recruits Richard Rankin for season 2 role

Get ready, set, swoon: Outlander has tapped a new actor to join the series and by the looks of things, he’ll fit right in with the rest of the photogenic cast.

Scottish actor Richard Rankin (Burnt) will play Roger Wakefield in Outlander’s second season, taking on the role of the Reverend Wakefield’s adopted son. (Show fans will remember the Reverend from early in season 1, while book die-hards know how important his character becomes later in the Scottish-set saga.)

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