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Ride With Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus checks out a 'super zombie killer bike'

You’ll have to wait until October to see Daryl Dixon riding motorcycles and killing zombies again on The Walking Dead – and that’s only if he survives that season 6 cliffhanger encounter with Negan and Lucille.

However, the man who plays Daryl will be back on the bike this Sunday night for the debut of AMC’s Ride with Norman Reedus, and we’ve got an exclusive clip from the premiere of the unscripted motorcycle travel series right here.

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Norman Reedus got Peter Fonda a Daryl Dixon crossbow

Norman Reedus went on some cool rides on some cool roads while filming his new unscripted series Ride with Norman Reedus. He also got to do it with some cool people, like motorcycle movie legend Peter Fonda.

The dynamic duo biked across Florida and down to Key West for the new AMC series (which debuts June 12), and Reedus says it was a once in a lifetime experience. “To sit with Peter Fonda and talk about Easy Rider in a place he used to live… the stories were just mind blowing left and right.”

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Ride with Norman Reedus to debut June 12 on AMC

Norman Reedus will be ready to ride in June.

AMC announced on Friday that The Walking Dead star’s new series, Ride with Norman Reedus, will air Sunday, June 12, at 10 p.m. ET/PT following an episode of Preacher

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Norman Reedus explains his 'fun, weird, creepy' motorcycle show

Daryl Dixon may have been separated from his motorcycle twice in season 6 of The Walking Dead, but the man who plays him will be riding high on the hog when he debuts his brand new show, Ride With Norman Reedus, this June on AMC

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See the exclusive first promo video for Ride With Norman Reedus

Daryl Dixon is in pretty bad shape, having just been shot at the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. But while some are questioning if the character’s ride on the zombie drama could be coming to an end, the man that plays him still has plenty of open road ahead of him.

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Norman Reedus says first guest on his motorcycle show is 'a big one'

Daryl Dixon may have had his motorcycle stolen on The Walking Dead, but the man who plays him, Norman Reedus, will have his choice of bikes to choose from on his new unscripted series for AMC, Ride With Norman Reedus.

Announced back in October, the six-episode series will follow Reedus and a different riding companion in a different city each week as they travel to a destination and explore motorcycle culture along the way. We caught up with the star recently, and he revealed that they are just about to begin filming.

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