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The Night Of star Riz Ahmed pens powerful essay on typecasting

The Night Of star Riz Ahmed wrote about his troubling experiences both in acting auditions and in airports for a powerful piece that will be published as part of the The Good Immigrant, a collection of essays about race in the U.K. that was excerpted on <a href=”

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Una clip: Rooney Mara confronts Ben Mendelsohn in dark new drama

Adapted from the acclaimed David Harrower play Blackbird, Una is about an adult woman named Una (Rooney Mara) who confronts the older man, Ray (Ben Mendelsohn), who sexually abused her 15 years earlier. The story goes in directions that are increasingly revealing, not to mention icky, and you can tell from this early scene how intense the tension between the two characters will be.

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Una: See Rooney Mara, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn in exclusive new photos from Blackbird adaptation

David Harrower’s wrenching play Blackbird has stunned and startled audiences ever since it first premiered more than a decade ago. Last spring, Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels received Tony nominations for their performances in the Broadway revival. Told in one break-less, 90-minute stretch, the story focuses on a man in his 50s who is confronted one day at his workplace by a woman in her 20s.

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Rogue One: Riz Ahmed on his pilot's bad attitude — and Imperial insignia

As we await the new Rogue One trailer on Thursday, Entertainment Weekly is posting a week of new stories about the upcoming stand-alone Star Wars film. Here’s part two.

On Monday, director Gareth Edwards walked us through the Holy Land world of Jedha, a place where Force followers come to worship — and the Empire has come to plunder.

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The Night Of: Riz Ahmed held 'onto trauma for 6 months' while filming HBO series

Riz Ahmed is hungry. He’s just flown in from his native England and seems eager when a waiter at a downtown Manhattan restaurant asks for his order. “Can I please have this grilled chicken sandwich but would you swap the bacon out for mushrooms? Love that, man, love that.”

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Rogue One: Riz Ahmed reveals the level of detail going into the new film

Riz Ahmed might have shot to fame opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2014 indie thriller Nightcrawler, which earned him an Indie Spirit Award nomination, but the British actor tells EW the level of detail involved in making his latest project, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has him soaring even higher on creative inspiration.

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