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Supernatural: Go behind the scenes of tonight's surprise return

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot points from the May 11 episode of Supernatural.

If the return of Chuck wasn’t enough for Supernatural fans, this week’s episode offered another return. Chuck, knowing full well that he’d have to convince the Winchesters that he was God this whole time, called in a bit of back-up in the form of Kevin Tran (played by Osric Chau). The fan-favorite prophet showed up to assure the Winchesters that they could trust Chuck/God. And in return, God gave Kevin a bit of an angel upgrade.

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Supernatural: Rob Benedict talks God's return

Last week on Supernatural, years of speculation became truth when Chuck admitted that he is in fact God. And furthermore, he’s back in town because of Amara (Emily Swallow). But is God ready to take down his sister once again?

We talked with Rob Benedict about his return to the show, when he found out who he was really playing, and what comes next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously fans have been talking about Chuck maybe being God since the season 5 finale, but when did you find out for sure?

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Rob Benedict returning to Supernatural season 11

It seems the Big Man Upstairs might be returning from his extended vacation.

EW has confirmed that Rob Benedict will reprise his role as Chuck in season 11 of Supernatural. And though it isn’t spelled out that Benedict’s Chuck is also God, there’s been speculation to that effect ever since Chuck, the prophet, disappeared in the season 5 finale. In fact, he was last seen when he showed up at the end of the show’s 200th episode in season 10.

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Supernatural stars create Kings of Con: Watch the opening scene

For Supernatural fans, Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict are God-like … literally. As recurring characters on the show, Speight played the archangel Gabriel, while Benedict played a prophet who is believed to also be the big man upstairs. But here’s the thing: That was five years ago. Other than a cameo or two, both Speight and Benedict wrapped their storylines on the show in 2010. So how does their fame live on? Two words: Fan conventions.

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