Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry reveals 'the only crazy thing' about Jon Stewart

Like Olivia Munn, former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry really wishes that Jon Stewart would clean his desk. However, that’s not Stewart’s only eccentricity, as Corddry reveals to EW in a conversation about his former boss. The comedian, who was an essential part of the Daily Show roster during his tenure from 2002–2006, also explains Stewart’s “surgical” approach to comedy and shares some of his favorite behind-the-scenes memories.

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Rob Corddry pitches Hot Tub Time Machine 2... to Batman, Vatican nun, and more

The sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine finds Lou (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Jacob (Clark Duke) traveling into the not-so-distant future in order to stop a mysterious assassin from killing Lou. It’s all business this time around for the three friends as they somehow have to get back to the past in one piece. Or is it the present? Time is seemingly more fluid in the Hot Tub Time Machine world.  

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Casting Net: Kate Hudson follows Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell to Deepwater Horizon

  • Kate Hudson in an oil rig film? It’s all happening. The actress joins Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell in the forthcoming Pete Berg-directed feature Deepwater Horizon, Summit Entertainment and Participant Media announced Thursday. She’ll play Felicia Williams, Deepwater Horizon oil rig engineer Mike Williams’ (Wahlberg) wife in the inspired-by-true-events picture. It’s slated to be released September 2016.
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Present becomes the past in 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' trailer

The Hot Tub Time Machine gang first used their time travel powers to, among other things, invent the internet, record “Call Me Maybe” 20 years early, and generally become filthy rich.

But when they decide to take the hot tub for another spin in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 to save Lou in the present, they end up in 2025, and things haven’t worked out quite too well for any of them.

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'The Way, Way Back' trailer: Sam Rockwell and Steve Carell star in Sundance summer comedy -- VIDEO

Image Credit: Claire Folger

We’ve seen Steve Carell do funny. We’ve seen him play crazy. We’ve seen him do awkward. But in Sundance favorite The Way, Way Back, Carell plays mean, and he’s the one picking on the awkward guy: his girlfriend’s teenage son, Duncan (Liam James).

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