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Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney still fancy each other in exclusive Catastrophe trailer

Sharon (Sharon Horgan) and Rob’s (Rob Delaney) baby is here, and it looks like Gene Wilder — just don’t tell them that.

In an exclusive trailer for Catastrophes second season, Rob’s mom (played by Carrie Fisher) tells Sharon her daughter has a striking resemblance to the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory star. “My baby doesn’t look like Gene Wilder,” an offended Sharon responds.

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Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney navigate parenthood in new Catastrophe trailer

“I think it might have been irresponsible for us to procreate,” Sharon Horgan says in the season 2 trailer for Catastrophe, a British sitcom she created and stars in along with fellow comedian Rob Delaney. Too late for that: The trailer begins with Horgan’s character — also named Sharon — screaming through labor.

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Inside Amazon's edgy romantic comedy Catastrophe with Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan

Boy on business trip to London meets girl. Boy has sex with girl. Lots of sex. Boy returns to America and gets word from girl that (oops!) she’s pregnant. Boy moves to London to be with girl. So begins this Catastrophe, Amazon’s fantastically frank romantic comedy starring (and created by) the Twitter-famous comedian Rob Delaney and Irish actress/writer Sharon Horgan (Pulling, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret). EW rang up the pair in London—where they were fast at work on season 2—for a proper conversation about the show.

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Rob Delaney on Richard Linklater films, his new sitcom 'Catastrophe' and why his characters won't be on Twitter

What happens when you take the ultimate Twitter comedian and put him on TV? You don’t—you put him on Amazon. That’s where Rob Delaney’s raucous new sitcom Catastrophe will stream starting on June 19. The show is actually an import from the U.K., which is where he and Irish comedian Sharon Horgan developed the sitcom for Channel 4. The comedy centers on an ad exec, also named Rob, who visits London for business and ends up having a steamy fling with a, well, Irish woman named Sharon (played by Horgan, if you couldn’t tell by now). Their romance is an intense and messy one, full of sex, sex, and more sex, and it all results in Sharon getting pregnant.

“Yeah, our characters have sex for a full week,” Delaney said recently on a phone call from London, where he’s currently at work on the show’s second season. “And when she calls him to tell him she’s pregnant, my character says, ‘Holy mackerel, that’s the worst news I’ve ever heard!’ But because I’m not a monster, I come over to help her deal with it.” 

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Ingrid Michaelson releases cameo-filled video for 'Time Machine'

With lyrics like “I should have seen it coming/It should have sent me running,” Ingrid Michaelson’s “Time Machine” is a definite breakup anthem. The new video for the single opens with the songstress sitting at a piano ready to sing her exes away.

That is, until Rainn Wilson steals the spotlight.

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On the Books: Eleanor Catton wins top Canadian prize; Italy launches reality show for writers

Eleanor Catton

Image Credit: David Levenson/Getty Images

For today’s book news: Eleanor Catton continues to dominate, Michael Crichton’s non-dino-related work gets a cover makeover, and Italian television producers answer the question, “Can you force a writer to produce a magnum opus in front of a live audience?” with a resounding “Yes.” Read on for more top headlines:

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