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James Corden's bird-themed game show for J.K. Simmons and Rob Lowe goes horribly wrong

James Corden’s research failed him on Tuesday night, when it turned out that guests J.K. Simmons and Rob Lowe were not, in fact, hardcore bird watchers as he had thought. Unfortunately, at that point it was too late to turn back from the bird-themed game show Corden had planned, so he roped Simmons and Lowe into playing Look Who’s Squawking anyway.

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Rob Lowe took over our Instagram story to tour the Code Black set

Paging Rob Lowe; you’re needed in the EW Instagram feed.

On Wednesday the Code Black actor took over our Instagram story to give a behind-the-scenes tour of the CBS medical drama, which returns for its second season tonight.

Lowe, a newcomer to the cast this season, plays Dr. Ethan Willis, a hotshot military doctor brought into Angels Memorial Hospital to teach the staff cutting-edge trauma techniques.

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Rob Lowe plays a pitiful undecided voter for Stephen Colbert

Undecided voters on Monday looked to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s first presidential debate to better understand their options. To represent this group, Stephen Colbert’s live post-debate episode of The Late Show cast Rob Lowe as undecided voter Charles Henson, who was decked out in both a Clinton t-shirt and Make America Great Again hat to reflect his conflicting loyalties.

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Rob Lowe joins Super Troopers 2 cast

Super Troopers 2 has added another leading man, making for a very pretty situation.

That’s right: Rob Lowe has joined the cast of the indie cop comedy that serves as a sequel to 2001’s cult film Super Troopers.

Lowe will tackle the role of Guy Le Franc, an ex-hockey player who’s now the mayor of a Quebec town on the Canadian-U.S.  border.

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Code Black: Rob Lowe jeopardizes a doctor's life in new season 2 trailer

Rob Lowe has arrived Angels Memorial Hospital.

On Thursday, CBS released a new trailer for the medical drama’s second season that previews the arrival of The Grinder alum as cowboy military doctor Col. Ethan Willis, who will be stationed at Angels Memorial Hospital to teach the staff new trauma techniques.

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Roast of Rob Lowe writer reveals jokes Ann Coulter rejected

Ann Coulter’s lines at the Roast of Rob Lowe failed to draw big laughs from the audience, but the pundit can’t blame the Comedy Central writing staff.

“Fun fact about that: We wrote her a lot of jokes. She does not understand humor or joy,” said Mike Lawrence, who wrote for the Rob Lowe roast, in a Facebook Live segment following the show on Monday.

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Comedy Central boss: Ann Coulter wasn't 'singled out' at Rob Lowe roast

When Ann Coulter stepped on the stage at the Roast of Rob Lowe, she immediately came under fire. Comedy Central president Kent Alterman insisted that was not in the plans.

Alterman addressed the allegation before a South Park event at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills, California. Nothing was out of the ordinary in terms of how the conservative pundit was made fun of, he says. 

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