Rodney Ascher

The Nightmare director relives his terrifying sleep-paralysis experience

Room 237 director Rodney Ascher’s new documentary, The Nightmare, concerns sleep paralysis, a condition that causes semi-conscious people to hallucinate that they are being menaced by terrifying, shadowy figures. In the film, Ascher himself alludes to having experienced sleep paralysis himself, but doesn’t go into too much detail.

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Don't watch this exclusive clip from The Nightmare before you go to sleep!

In filmmaker Rodney Ascher’s new documentary, The Nightmare, the Room 237 director interviews people who suffer from the condition known as sleep paralysis—and dramatizes their dreams of being threatened by terrifying, shadowy figures. The result often comes across as more horror movie than conventional doc.

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Room 237 director's new doc The Nightmare to be released June 5

Have you been sleeping well? If so, that might be about to change. It was announced on Friday that Room 237 director Rodney Ascher’s new documentary The Nightmare will be released in theaters on June 5. The film concerns sleep paralysis, a condition in which people dream they are visited by terrifying shadowy figures.

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Room 237 team's new film is 'Way out there'—Exclusive behind-the-scenes clip

The latest project from the team who brought us the Shining documentary Room 237—director Rodney Ascher and producer Tim Kirk—is the meta-horror movie Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein. What exactly is Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein? We’ll let Kirk, who this time around is directing the project while Ascher produces, do the explaining…

“Our film is a fictional director’s commentary for a real-life ’70s-era film called The Terror of Frankenstein,” he says. “As we watch the film, the director, writer, and star discuss the making of the film, and the events that followed. We start to realize that there is a mystery and that something very bad happened on set.”

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