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Ron Burgundy spills journalistic secrets at Emerson: 'It really is about hygiene' -- VIDEO

Ron Burgundy

Image Credit: Elise Amendola/AP

Sick of Anchorman 2’s incessant marketing campaign? Too bad! The movie’s not out until Dec. 18, meaning we’ve got at least two more weeks of promos, ginormous advertisements, and in-character stunt appearances ahead of us.

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Sports anchor does entire segment as Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgandy Sportscaster

While Miley cited Lil’ Kim as inspiration for Halloween, sports director Paul Gerke of KIVI Station in Boise, ID looked to the legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy.

Gerke delivered a full newscast as San Diego’s top rated newsman of the 1970’s, sporting his signature burgundy coat and full-bred mustache. Watch it here:

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