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Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue canceled after 6 seasons

Shut the door, sit down, and turn in your badge: Rookie Blue’s case is closed. The ABC police procedural has been canceled after six seasons.

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'Letting Go'

Nick Collins finally gets a backstory! As promised by Peter Mooney, we finally learned why the beautiful, brooding rookie is such a lone wolf. The reason is sad, but it makes us love Nick even more.

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Rookie Blue's Peter Mooney says Nick's backstory will send him on a 'tailspin'

Ever since Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) joined the 15 Division as a rookie a few years late — season 3 to be exact — he’s been a bit of a mystery. Sure, we know he was in Afghanistan; we know he was engaged to marry Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan); and we know that later he went undercover and started dating Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym). But otherwise Nick Collins hasn’t received much of a backstory…. until now.

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The 15 Division lives by a very strict Murphy’s Law—therefore it would be basically impossible for these cops to enter a prison and not have something go wrong. That’s why you could probably see what was coming in “Uprising” when Oliver announced “prison transfer” at roll call.

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'Perfect Family'

Don’t you just love when the lesson you’re teaching people at work is the same lesson you need to learn at home? Happens to me ALL the time. But seriously, “Perfect Family” did find a nice way to tie in the “Sam has a baby mama” story into our case of the week. It wasn’t one of the most suspenseful cases that the 15 Division has taken on, but it was pretty compelling.

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'Open Windows'

Our favorite Canadian cops are back! When Rookie Blue began airing on ABC, many of us probably saw it as a fun summer stand-in for Grey’s Anatomy. And six seasons later, it almost feels the other way around. Waiting a whole year for this show to come back is just too long. A year is a long time to remember where we left the 15 Division last summer, so let’s refresh, shall we?

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'Rookie Blue' makes me blue, eh?


Image Credit: Steve Wilkie/ABCOh, Gregory Smith, I wanted better for you. The ultra-blah Rookie Blues hasn’t met a cop-show cliché it couldn’t employ, and last night’s premiere was pretty much a checklist: daddy issues, lousy “collars,” the cop who Cares Too Much, etc. My favorite Everwood alum is playing second fiddle to Missy Peregrym?

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