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Mr. Robot: 'Leaked' script reveals Elliot's reaction to Trump's victory

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: Mr. Robot protagonist and sometimes white hat hacker Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) isn’t happy with Donald Trump being elected president of the United States.

On Friday, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail “leaked” (read: shared on Twitter) a page from a season 3 script in which Elliot opens up to his therapist Krista about how the election has affected his already cynical worldview. In the short scene, Krista asks Elliot what about society disappoints him so much.

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Mr. Robot's Sam Esmail talks Whiterose, long episodes, and season 2 reactions

Regardless of your specific reaction to season s of USA’s Mr. Robot so far, it’s safe to say the new set of episodes have felt… different. This is a darker part of Elliot Alderson’s story. The episodes are longer (tonight’s being the first episode this year to clock in at under 60 minutes). And the pace is slower than the hack-focused plotting of last year, when Mr. Robot broke out in a big way. 

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Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail wants a longer break between seasons 2 and 3

As the medium of television changes in the age of Netflix and Hulu, showrunners like Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail are questioning long-standing industry norms. In particular, the show’s creator, who also directed each episode of the upcoming second season, wants to take more time between seasons. A little more than a year will have passed between Mr. Robot’s two season premieres, and Esmail hopes (possibly in vain) for a bigger break before season three.

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Mr. Robot reboots: Rami Malek & Christian Slater
are ready for season 2

Christian Slater looks like a kid on Christmas, even though it’s an overcast March morning. The cast of Mr. Robot has gathered for a second day of preproduction table reads at the show’s Brooklyn production offices, and Slater is all smiles, giddy even. He couldn’t sleep the night before. “Too excited!” he tells me. The gift he’s eagerly anticipating? Final script pages to the new season of the show that earned the Hollywood vet his first Golden Globe just two months prior. His costars seem a bit more reticent, possibly nervous.

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Mr. Robot wins Best Drama Series at the Golden Globes

In its first year, Mr. Robot seemed to hack its way into viewers hearts … and apparently the hearts of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

USA’s thriller took home the Golden Globe for Best Drama after its stellar first season, which told the story of Elliott, a young cybersecurity engineer who joins a hacker activist group and finds himself in the middle of a whole lot of corrupt business.

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Best of 2015 (Behind the Scenes):
Mr. Robot boss talks season 1's biggest twist

Back in September, Mr. Robot threw fans for a loop when it revealed the identity of, well, Mr. Robot. And yet, it was a twist that series creator Sam Esmail expected fans to guess. EW talked with Esmail after the twist, before the show’s finale, about his game plan. As part of our year-end coverage, revisit that conversation below.

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