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See Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' adorable reunion on the set of Ithaca — exclusive

Amid its tale of a teenage boy’s coming-of-age during World War II, Meg Ryan’s directorial debut, Ithaca, also contains a moment you’ve been waiting for since 1998: the actress’ onscreen reunion with Tom Hanks. And EW has an exclusive first look at the pair’s time together in the film.

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Ithaca trailer: Watch Meg Ryan's touching reunion with Tom Hanks in her directorial debut

It’s been nearly a year since Meg Ryan’s Ithaca first premiered at the Middleburg Film Festival, and even longer since the rom-com queen last shared the screen with frequent collaborator Tom Hanks. Now, nearly two decades after the release of You’ve Got Mail, audiences can catch a glimpse at the pair’s (brief) onscreen reunion in the new trailer for Ryan’s directorial debut.

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Meg Ryan on her onscreen reunion with Tom Hanks: 'It was such an act of friendship'

There’s a scene toward the beginning of Ithaca, Meg Ryan’s 1940s-set directorial debut, which sees a teenage boy returning home from his new job as a mail carrier. Having delivered a military telegram notifying a local woman of her son’s death, the boy, Homer (newcomer Alex Neustaedter), reassures his own mother (Ryan) of the goodness that still exists within him.

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Sam Shepard arrested on drunk driving charges

As reported by PEOPLE, Sam Shepard was arrested Monday on charges of aggravated drunk driving. The award-winning actor and playwright was arrested outside of a restaurant in Santa Fe, N.M, after an employee called the police about a driver who was attempting to leave with his truck’s emergency brake on. When an officer contacted Shepard, he declined a breathalyzer test but failed a field sobriety test.

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'Cold in July' trailer: Michael C. Hall's in trouble -- VIDEO

Cold In July 01

Letting a burglar invade your home may be a whole lot less messy than shooting that burglar in self-defense – at least, that’s the message the new trailer for Cold in July sends.

The movie, made by Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, is adapted from Joe Lansdale ’80s-set novel of the same name about a man who shoots and kills a burglar only for the burglar’s father to come after him for revenge. Michael C. Hall, Don Johnson, and Sam Shepard star in the thriller.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman: Remembering the stage actor

Long Day Journey Into Night

Image Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Taking stock of an actor’s legacy on the stage is trickier than summing up a career on screen. After all, we can all go back and watch a film performance with the click of a mouse or by sliding in a DVD. Movies are endlessly available to us. The stage, on the other hand, is a living thing that varies from night to night. Some nights are magical, others less so. But when a show’s run ends, so does its life. It can be remembered, but not relived.

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'August: Osage County' trailer: Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and more! -- VIDEO

August: Osage County (out Nov. 8) may well become the year’s fanciest movie about a trashy family. It’s based on Tracy Letts’ hours-long, Pulitizer prize-winning play (which we said was “horrifyingly, deliciously mesmerizing”) and is directed by John Wells from Letts’ adaptation. The cast is stuffed from every angle with talent: Ewan McGregor, Sam Shepard, Abigail Breslin, Juliette Lewis, Chris Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Julia Roberts (as the favorite daughter), and Meryl Streep (as the hated mother).

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