Lynette Rice
January 22, 2009 AT 11:45 PM EST

From the moment John McCain gave his concession speech in Arizona, my desperate hope for Sarah Palin was that she’d sulk her way back to Alaska and quietly resume the job she was elected to do (and when I say quiet, I mean as silent as my Honda Hybrid sounds when I halt at a red light). Alas, stardom is a demanding shrew that continues to poke at one’s ego with its sharp stiletto, so Palin is now looking for a potential book and TV deal since her term as governor is over next year. Acting, we can realistically assume, is out (though God knows Grey’s Anatomy is always looking for yet another lesbian love interest for the lovelorn Callie). A syndicated talk show isn’t much better; Palin only has the gift for gab when someone hands her a script, and even the chatty Rush Limbaugh couldn’t sustain his Roger Ailes-produced yakker beyond four years in the early ’90s. A spot on The View, maybe? Eh, that’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel for Joy and Whoopi, and Elizabeth provides plenty of cringe-worthy moments already. Assuming she’d want to make another (futile) play for the White House later, Palin’s smartest bet would be to beg Fox News for a talking-head job, as long as she’s accompanied by a secret Svengali-like Limbaugh producer Bo Snerdly to keep her sounding intelligent (if not downright coherent).

What do you think? If you had to watch Palin on the small screen, what would you have her do?

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