Sarah Sokolovic

'Why Is This Night Different?'

The annual Homeland bloodbath has begun, with two major character deaths, a pair of close calls, and plenty of collateral damage. And it probably won’t stop there — not if Allison has her way. At least, it seems like Allison’s the one pulling the strings in this episode all about trustworthiness of the people around you, whether it’s a dogged journalist or a greedy hacker or — in Carrie’s case — a former partner-in-crime. Quinn is another ghost from two years ago, but one she’s happy to see, unlike the one she hallucinated last week.

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'The Tradition of Hospitality'

M-A-T-H-I-S-O-N. Those eight capital letters Quinn scrawls at the end of the episode, spelling out his next target, make quite the gut-punch. Carrie has faced plenty of danger before, but putting her in Quinn’s crosshairs (I’m assuming “Mathison” isn’t referring to Maggie or Frannie, of course) is a twist that’s particularly wrenching given how far she’s come in two years.

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