Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman previews his Animal Kingdom character: 'He's a man of secrets'

The Cody family lives a complicated life, to say the least. With matriarch Smurf (Ellen Barkin) at the helm, they spend their days robbing jewelry stores, covering up their mistakes, and planning their next job. But things take a turn when Josh (better known as J), their nephew, arrives to live with them. And that’s where the pilot of Animal Kingdom kicks off. 

How will J fit into the family? And what exactly is going on in the Cody household? EW spoke with Scott Speedman, who plays adopted brother Baz, about what fans can expect from the new TNT drama.

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Felicity costars reunite for the first time (in bed) for EW

Scott Speedman can’t find his pants. The actor gamely traded his clothes for a set of pj’s to hop into bed with his Felicity costars Keri Russell and Scott Foley. It’s the first time the trio have been in the same room since the cult-favorite WB show wrapped in 2002, though you wouldn’t guess it from watching them joke around and reminisce. The laughter continues when the actors settle in on a nearby sofa. Speedman — ­having been unable to locate the bottom half of his outfit — sits down in just a shirt and black boxer briefs.

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J.J. Abrams reveals his first impressions
on Felicity stars

J.J. Abrams is a busy man these days with a little movie that rhymes with Schmar Swars that opens later this year. But he made time to talk to EW about his first impressions when he, as co-creator and executive producer alongside writer-director Matt Reeves, cast Keri Russell, Scott Foley and Scott Speedman on Felicity

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Casting Net: Lydia Wilson joins Star Trek Beyond

  • Lydia Wilson, who played Domnhall Gleeson’s sister in the time-travel rom-com About Time, has joined the cast of Star Trek Beyond. The new Star Trek film will keep core players Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, and Simon Pegg. Idris Elba joined the cast as the threequel’s villain, but details about his or Wilson’s role have yet to be released.
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See the exclusive trailer and poster for 'October Gale' with Patricia Clarkson


Remember On Golden Pond? Well, October Gale is sorta like that—except the husband is dead and the young man who comes to visit the idyllic country getaway is a fugitive with a gunshot wound. Oh, and the wife is a crack shot who has to defend herself when a figurative and literal storm brews outside.

Okay, so maybe it’s nothing like On Golden Pond. There aren’t even any loons—unless you count Tim Roth.

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