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Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson talks writing Sinister 2: 'It was sick — but fun'

If everything that happened in Las Vegas really did stay in Las Vegas, then horror fans might never have gotten to see 2012’s Ethan Hawke-starring low budget sleeper hit Sinister, nor its sequel, Sinister 2, which comes out Friday. For it was in Sin City that director Scott Derrickson was first pitched the idea for the original movie by writer C. Robert Cargill

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See a terrifying clip from horror sequel Sinister 2

Director Scott Derrickson scored a hit with the 2012 horror film Sinister, about a true-crime writer and father (Ethan Hawke), a box of snuff films, and a very — yes — sinister supernatural entity named Bughuul. But Derrickson and cowriter C. Robert Cargill decided to change things up for Sinister 2 (out Aug.

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