Simon Kinberg

Kate Mara says she'd return for another Fantastic Four movie

Kate Mara has joined a sequel to the 2015 box office flop Fantastic Four… in spirit. 

Speaking to IGN while promoting her new movie, the sci-fi thriller Morgan, the 33-year-old responded to a question about the potential for a continuation of Josh Trank’s critically-maligned Fantastic Four reboot, indicating interest in starring in the project if it were to happen.

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Deadpool 2 production eyes an early 2017 start

Deadpool 2 is a no-brainer: The first film grossed more than $778.6 million worldwide, breaking a number of box office records in the process. Ryan Reynolds will return as the title character with director Tim Miller for the sequel, which producer Simon Kinberg says is looking to kick off production early next year.

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Fantastic Four producer explains what went wrong with 2015 film

The Fantastic Four were the original Marvel superheroes, and yet they haven’t translated to film as well as their powerful peers. The first attempts in 2005 and 2007 were deemed ridiculous by most critics, and last year’s attempt – with acclaimed young actors like Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan in starring roles – bombed following some highly publicized on-set strife.

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X-Men: Could the next movie tackle Dark Phoenix?

While there are several spin-off X-Men movies in the works at the moment (Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2, Gambit), the next ensemble film hasn’t been officially announced. But if and when it does happen, could it focus on one of the most beloved and famous arcs in the X-Men comics – Jean Grey’s tragic evolution into the villainous Dark Phoenix?

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The Martian team reuniting at Fox with new
Andy Weir pitch

20th Century Fox is reuniting The Martian team — again.

EW has confirmed that the studio has picked up an untitled pitch by author Andy Weir, who penned the original novel that went on to become a critical and box office hit. While plot details for Weir’s new project are being kept under wraps, Weir will write the screenplay, with Ridley Scott and Simon Kinberg — who directed and produced The Martian, respectively — set to produce.

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