Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg: Star Trek Beyond villain 'utterly mirrors Donald Trump'

After playing Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, Simon Pegg assumed a behind-the-scenes role on this summer’s Star Trek Beyond, co-writing the screenplay with Doug Jung. The writing process for Beyond was uniquely accelerated, with Pegg and Jung beginning work on their script in early 2015, mere months before director Justin Lin started shooting the film last summer.

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Simon Pegg talks Star Trek Beyond with an ISS astronaut

Simon Pegg has fans in high places. The Star Trek Beyond actor and co-writer recently discussed the sci-fi threequel with Kate Rubins, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, and she gave it her stamp of approval.

“I think probably I had the best view because I watched it from our cupola, which is our windows facing the Earth,” Rubins said while bobbing in zero gravity. She added, “Your special effects guys get it right. It absolutely feels like a space station.”

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Star Trek Beyond: Justin Lin recalls J.J. Abrams' advice to him — exclusive clip

Coming into an established franchise and following in the footsteps of J.J. Abrams can be intimidating, but for Justin Lin a conversation with the Star Trek director was enough to help him make Star Trek Beyond his own.

In an exclusive video from the Star Trek Beyond Digital HD release, Lin recalls a discussion he had with Abrams not long after taking the directing gig on the latest film in the historic franchise.

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Box office report: Star Trek Beyond numbers nearly triple Lights Out, Ice Age: Collision Course

Nearly tripling the grosses of its fellow new wide releases, Star Trek Beyond earned a solid estimated $59.6 million on 3,928 screens over its opening weekend. Still, Beyond’s numbers mark the lowest debut for the franchise since Star Trek: Nemesis flopped with $18.5 million back in 2002.

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Box office preview: Star Trek Beyond to blast off atop crowded weekend

Star Trek Beyond, the highly-anticipated sequel in Paramount’s rebooted franchise series, is shooting for the stars amid perhaps the most crowded weekend of the summer movie season thus far, likely fending off two new wide releases and strong holdovers like The Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters

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Star Trek: Simon Pegg looks back to the original movies

Simon Pegg knows Star Trek. Before he was Scotty, before he co-wrote Star Trek Beyond, before he mixed roles in Star Wars and Mission: Impossible with his work on the culty Cornetto trilogy alongside collaborator Edgar Wright, Pegg rose to prominence in the nerd-focused Brit TV series Spaced.

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