Stephen Schwartz

Wicked movie will include new songs, Stephen Schwartz says

The long-awaited Wicked movie is finally happening, and it’s going to fly into theaters with some new music.

Composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz made an appearance at Comic-Con on Thursday, where he revealed some details about the big screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical about the witches of Oz.

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First Look: How Scott Schwartz made a Disney Hunchback for adults

“Sexual obsession” isn’t necessarily a phrase one expects to hear when discussing a Disney musical. But then, director Scott Schwartz’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, now at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey, isn’t the typical Disney stage adaptation. “I like to refer to it as a love quadrangle, because it basically is,” he told EW over lunch recently. “It’s a show about sexual obsession and passion and love and both the redemptive power and the destructive power of love.”

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This Week on Stage: James Bond on Broadway, 'Wicked' turns 10

Week In Stage Betrayal

Image Credit: Brigitte Lacombe

Who says it’s not easy being green? Well, Kermit the Frog did actually, but if you’re literal high-flyer Elphaba in the musical Wicked, it’s pretty darn boss, especially give that the teen-adored Stephen Schwartz musical (which received mixed reviews upon opening in 2003) just celebrated 10 years on Broadway this week.

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