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Shia LaBeouf says he could have 'gone lighter' on Steven Spielberg

Shia LaBeouf stopped by the SiriusXM Sway in the Morning radio show Friday morning, where he addressed — and expressed regret for — harsh comments he made about Steven Spielberg in an interview earlier this year. 

“I f— up sometimes, you know,” LaBeouf said. “I probably could’ve gone lighter on Spielberg, that was probably something I should’ve backed off of. But my feelings are real. The dude gave me a lot of opportunities, though, and that’s on me.”

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Laura Dern, Steven Spielberg, more elected to Academy's Board of Governors

It’s a proper Jurassic Park reunion 23 years in the making: The Academy announced Monday that Laura Dern and Steven Spielberg, who worked together on the 1993 blockbuster, have been elected to serve on its 2016-17 Board of Governors for the first time.

Dern joins the board from the Actors Branch — the largest of the Academy’s 17 branches — as a two-time Oscar nominee, while Spielberg, who has three Academy Awards, represents the Directors Branch.

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Box office report: Three newcomers put up a fight as Finding Dory again takes No. 1

Though Finding Dory was expected to (and did) handily topple each of the week’s three new wide releases, Disney’s The BFG, Universal’s The Purge: Election Year, and especially Warner Bros.’ The Legend of Tarzan put up a respectable fight to the finish, pulling in between nearly $20 and $38 million each as the Pixar sequel ultimately took the No. 1 spot for its third straight weekend. 

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Critical Mass: Tarzan crashes, critics endorse The Purge: Election Year

Are you spending the holiday weekend with a tanned-and-toned ape-man, a band of giants, or in a world where all crime is legal (including murder!) for one day? EW wants you to make good choices at the movies this Fourth of July, so we’re helping you sift through the clutter with a critical sampling of this weekend’s hottest theatrical titles.

See what the critics are saying about The Legend of Tarzan, The BFG, The Purge: Election Year, and more, below:

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Steven Spielberg's 10-minute studio tour

Steven Spielberg is gonna need a boat.

Not a bigger boat. Same-sized boat, preferably.

Actually, the closer they can replicate the Orca fishing vessel from Jaws, the better.

We are sitting in a golf cart beside the lagoon at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where — ever since 1976, the year after Jaws debuted — a mechanical great white has breached these depths to menace tourists on the famed tram tour. (It works better than the prop shark on the movie ever did.)

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Steven Spielberg and the time a naked Marlon Brando pranked him

Even the biggest names in Hollywood aren’t immune to a little hazing — just ask Steven Spielberg.

During a recent backlot tour of Universal Studios, Spielberg’s longtime home base, the acclaimed director told EW’s Anthony Breznican about his early days on the lot as an unofficial intern, including a memorable encounter with a showbiz icon.

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