Sylvester Stallone

New Rambo movie in the works without Sylvester Stallone

Last year’s Creed marked the return of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa. Now, another iconic Stallone character is coming back to big screen — with a new actor donning that red headband.

Nu Image/Millennium Films are planning to reboot Rambo with an all-new film, EW has confirmed. Ariel Vromen (The Criminal) is on board to direct Rambo: New Blood from a script by Brooks McLaren, with plans to cast a new, younger actor as the action hero.

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Sylvester Stallone shares throwback Rocky IV photos

It’s been more than three decades since Rocky Balboa faced off against the notorious Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, and now, Sylvester Stallone is looking back on that iconic Cold War fight by sharing a few behind-the-scenes photos.

Stallone, who wrote, directed and starred in Rocky IV, took to Facebook to share a few rare photos from the 1985 film that he says even he hadn’t seen before. Rocky IV found Stallone reprising his role as the legendary boxer, taking on Dolph Lundgren’s Drago after Drago killed his friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in the ring.

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Sylvester Stallone sweetly reacts to video of toddler working out alongside Rocky

Rocky Balboa might have finally met his match.

A video has gone viral of a young boy named Charlie training alongside his favorite fictional boxer as he watches Rocky train for his fight against Apollo Creed in Rocky II. In the video, which his father posted on Facebook, the boy — still in diapers — mimics Rocky’s workout moves, including pushups and jumping rope.

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Lawsuit claims Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Coogler stole Creed concept

Creed is heading from the boxing ring to the legal arena.

A New Jersey man is suing the filmmakers of the Rocky sequel, including producer-star Sylvester Stallone and writer-director Ryan Coogler, alleging that they “took [his] idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar motion picture” without compensating him.

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