Tamara Taylor

Bones EP reveals how long Zack will be on the final season

As of Thursday’s game-changing season finale, Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) is back on Bones. So how are his former coworkers going to handle Zack’s possible turn to the dark side?

“There’s a rainbow of emotions,” star Emily Deschanel tells EW.

“I’m the orange,” jokes costar David Boreanaz.

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Bones exclusive clip: 'The victim is meant to be you'

Class is in session — and it’s terrifying.

In this exclusive clip from the Bones season finale, the team finds a skeleton in an abandoned building, arranged in what Booth (David Boreanaz) calls a “classroom from hell.” All signs point toward the serial killer known as the Puppeteer, though Cam (Tamara Taylor) would rather call him something cuter.

“New rule: Serial killers don’t get cool or frightening nicknames,” Booth agrees.

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters cast teases a totally different take on the DC Comics characters you know

Justice League: Gods and Monsters promises a unique take on many of your beloved DC Comics characters like you’ve never seen before. But even if that promise sounds familiar, the film’s voice cast explains that this time, it’s actually true.

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